Write Your Success Story: 5 Practices Every Woman Leader Should Know


Many of us work tirelessly every day—often taking on too much—and in doing so risk limiting our professional development and growth trajectory as leaders. When we become intentional about what we want, where we want to go, and how to get there, we can focus on our unique abilities and have the greatest impact in our lives and with those around us.

In this webinar recording, Linkage’s Susan MacKenty Brady and Laura Stone address:

  • 5 strategic practices for successfully navigating your future
  • A framework for how to develop clarity, focus on your unique abilities, and lead more purposefully
  • How to identify and leverage the fewest, most essential areas to dramatically increase your impact



About the Presenters:

Susan MacKenty Brady is the Executive Vice President of Global Program Strategy & Development at Linkage. Susan is responsible for guiding the global growth and development of Linkage’s signature immersion learning institutes, as well as public and virtual programming.

Laura Stone is a Vice President, Executive Coach, and Principal Consultant at Linkage. She is an expert strategist, speaker, and top team facilitator, and has extensive experience working with leaders and leadership teams to drive bottom-line results. At Linkage, she oversees the development and codification of the firm’s work in Inclusive Leadership, which was featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Profiles in Diversity Journal.