Free Webinar - Change Leadership: Next-Generation Strategies to Boost Performance


In this webinar Dr. Serhat TATLI will introduce innovative change strategies to boost corporate performance. Based on his extensive entrepreneurial and top executive experience, Dr. Serhat TATLI will shed new light on the many reasons why so many change initiatives commonly fail, and he will present his audience with innovative ways inspired from startups—but universally applicable across company sizes and industries—to transform your business for greater results.

As a participant in this session, you will:

• Understand the root causes of failures in change initiatives
• Learn to minimize the risks associated with your change programs
• Take a peek at the newest marketing trends and management philosophies used by leading organizations worldwide


About the presenter:

Dr. Serhat TATLI continues his long years of international top executive & entrepreneurial career in mobile telecom, consumer electronics, IT, and renewable energy sectors. Beyond his Ph.D. degree in Change Management, he is also a keynote speaker, lecturer in Kemerburgaz University and TV & Radio Programmer.