Leadership and Emotional Talent


Join business guru Tim Sanders for a free webinar on how to master your emotions to bring out the best in others, and excel in your daily roles.

In this webinar based on his best-selling book, The Likeability Factor, Tim Sanders demonstrates the criticality of Emotional Talent as is relates to being a successful, results-driven leader. Sharing extensive research and data, Tim Sanders will show how to master your emotions (and those of others) to instill confidence and gain the loyalty and support you need to advance your ideas and positively impact the bottom-line.

As a participant in this session:

  • Discover the power of ‘likeability’ at work and in life
  • Learn ways to enhance critical elements of your personality to influence and lead more effectively
  • Master the "Art of Deep Listening" with your talent and your customers



Tim Sanders is a New York Times best-selling author, public speaker, and former Yahoo! executive.